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Product Mockups and Marketing Design
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Advertising Agencies

If you are an advertising agency you need mockups every day. Downloading gigabytes of PSD mockup files is time consuming and inefficient. Artboard Studio makes this process faster and easier, you can now create mockups in minutes and present them to your clients.


Social Media Marketers

Do you have a product or a service to promote on social media? Are you short on budget to hire a photographer or a professional designer? With Artboard Studio you can do it yourself, it's easy to learn and use, and it contains all of the content that you need, and you can share on your social media channels directly from Artboard Studio.


Manufacturers, Distributers, E-commerce Founders

If you are selling your products online, you know that having a professional image will highly increase your sales. If an image says a thousand words, a good image says all of the words. Artboard Studio is easy to learn, and you don't need be a designer to create great images for your products.


Freelance Designers

If you are a freelance designer, you no longer have to surf the web to find suitable and affordable mockups for hours. With Artboard Studio all of your mockup items are in one place, they fit seamlessly together, and you don't have to download anything. Save your time and your money.


Web Site Designers / Developers

After you finish your brilliant UI/UX design idea, you need to present it to your clients or share it on your personal portfolio. Before Artboard Studio, you were only limited to Photoshop and had to spend hours on finding device mockups. Artboard Studio has all you in one place, drag & drop your design into Artboard Studio and export the results in minutes.


E-Learning Trainers, Gig Sellers, Service Providers

Create eye-catching and professional looking banners to convert users into customers. Look different and unique on listing pages. Artboard Studio will give you amazing designs and an ever growing library related to your service, to create perfect banners for your product or service, with no design knowledge.


Lightning-fast, simple to design. Everything in your browser

At the speed of opening Photoshop,
create eye-catching mockups.


More than 8K cleaned and customizable item photos and more than 400 templates already inside. We are adding new content everyday

Choose from our extensive library of items,
exclusively photographed for you.


Photorealistic results like
you are taking a photo in a studio


Apply your design to objects and preview instantly

Apply your designs to mockup items and
preview the results in real time.


Customize every detail and create your own mockup scene

Move, rotate and scale your items
freely according to your personal style.


Display your products effectively to engage your viewers and convert them into clients


Increase your sales by using eye-catching promotional images

Move, rotate and scale your items
freely according to your personal style.


Thousands of cleaned mockup items for better compositions

We have exclusively photographed real-life objects, cleaned them and turned them into customizable items.


Not a designer? Not a problem.
Artboard Studio is so easy to use, you can start with any of our professionally designed templates here or you can start from scratch.


 We have a lovely community

Artboard Studio featured by lots of influencers, bloggers.
Achieved an impressive success on Product Hunt.
We already have 50.000 happy users.


Why Artboard Studio is different



You can get Lite Plan and Designer Plan with the best price ever.
And it is yours forever. Only available for a limited time.



Please create a free account on Artboard Studio first, then pay with the same email address.


Branding Components: Create branding design systems with shared components and automatically update them across multiple design projects.

Custom Fonts: You can upload any fonts from your computer to be used inside Artboard Studio. With Lite Plan you can only use Google Fonts.



What is Artboard Studio?
Artboard Studio is an online graphic design application for creating marketing visuals. Comes with an extensive library of mockup items and templates. You can create realistic and eye catching marketing designs with the contents which comes with the app. It is browser based and easy to use, you do not need to download or install anything.

How old is company, what is the background?
Artboard Studio has launched premium plans 5 months ago, we are working on it for the last 4 years with 5 people, also we have 5 years of experience from our other business Mockup Zone which is related to graphic design. So far Mockup Zone sold PSD mockup files over 200.000 graphic designer, including enterprises like Microsoft, Dropbox, Square Space, In Vision etc. We learned a lot from our customers and created Artboard Studio.

What’s the price and how much I am saving?
Normally Artboard Studio do not have any life time price, regularly we have monthly or yearly subscriptions.

For Lite Plan, regular price is $290 /year and for Designer Plan regular price is $490 /year. With this limited time offer you will get Lite Plan for $79 / forever and Designer Plan for $99 / forever.

Is there any discount on upgrade?
Unfortunately no. The only premium plan which is not included in this deal is Team Plan. It allows you to share your assets and design together with your colleagues. We do not offer any special discounts for it.

Even non-designers can use Artboard Studio?
Sure, it is really simple to use, browser-based and comes with more than 400 pre-designed templates. Even if you are not a designer, you can create amazing visuals with just dragging and dropping. Just watch this video to learn how to use Artboard Studio, you will learn all features in 10 minutes.

How can I contact to support?
We have a live chat support inside Artboard Studio. While you are using the app, you can ask any questions inside or you can simply write an email to

How Artboard Studio is different from other similar services?
Artboard Studio have unique and amazing different features than others like Canva, Placeit, Smart Mockups and Photoshop.

What updates will I get?
No matter which plan you get, Lite Plan or Designer Plan, you will get all updates for free, forever. We are adding new mockup item photos and templates everyday, working on new features or bug fixes all time, improving the performance etc. You will get them all for free forever.

Can I use another email after purchase?
No, because our system will use the email address that used for the payment for your membership in Artboard Studio. So please be aware that you are using same email addresses while paying and creating account on Artboard Studio.

When does the Deal end?
This deal will expire on April 18th 2019 at 00.00 (PT), forever.

What is the difference between Lite Plan and Designer Plan?
Lite Plan gives you the access to all of our premium content including mockup items and pre-designed templates, commercial license for your designs, layered PSD exports and Figma integration.

Designer Plan offers all of these features plus Branding Components and Custom Fonts. Branding Components is a central place where you can upload or build your own branding style and use them inside design projects automatically. You can upload your brand’s logo, your own fonts, set your colors and gradients, set your your typography styles.

We have another plan to share those assets with your colleagues called Team Plan, but this plan did not included in this deal.

What are the usual plans and prices?
You can see our usual plans and prices from this link. Team Plan did not included in this deal and we also have a Free Plan for who want to test the app before purchase. With Free Plan you can create up to 3 design projects, you can use only free mockup items and templates.

Can I pay via Paypal?
Yes, we are using Paddle for our payments and it allows you to pay with credit card or PayPal.

What is refund policy?
If you want a refund, you need to ask for it maximum in 15 days.