Christmas Paintings + Bonus

Christmas Paintings + Bonus


You will get tons of watercolor paintings and ready print greeting card designs with this pack. All of them specially painted and scanned in high resolution. And also specially cleaned backgrounds with tablet on Photoshop. You can use with any colored grounds.

Great pack for your xmas themed designs. You can create limitless new year designs, greeting cards and prints with this file. So comprehensive and affordable.

Purchase Now - $17

This pack includes;

  • 69 Xmas Themed Paintings ; Santa illustartions, different styled deers, xmas trees, ornaments and many wreaths and christmas themed flower paintings.

  • 18 Watercolor Ribbons ; These are great for your texts. Choose one of them and type with a sweet fonts. It will great fit to your new year design.

  • Watercolor Painted Texts ; You will get some quotes about new year. All of them suits great with these paintings.

  • Watercolor Painted Grounds ; Simple and soft ground paintings for your designs. You can use them as ground or write any text.

  • Specially Painted Greeting Cards ; This is the best part of this item. You will get many ready print greeting cards with A5 size. I've used these illustrations but added some great paintings on Photoshop also. More effective and you can see what can you create with this items.

  • 3 Watercolor Paper Textures ; I've also scanned my own watercolor papers. You can use them with any design. It will seem great when you apply Multiply effect over any thing on this textures.